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UK’s Best National Lottery Syndicate

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ST5 7TT, England

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UK-lotterysyndicate is registered as Guide2lotto limited company. We do not represent Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd or The National Lottery. We are NHS professionals, but UK-lotterysyndicate is a separate business with no affiliation to the NHS nor a part of our professional work.

Users are advised to confirm any results in The National Lottery web site. Information in this website may be incomplete, out-of-date or not accurate. Use of this website and all its contents are  at the user’s risk. Players must be at least 18 years old or over to join.

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Welcome to UK's Best National Lottery Syndicate

Low Cost Lottery Syndicate with More Tickets to Play

Start at only £10 a month, share £160 UK Lottery tickets.

For up to £25 a month, share £400 worth of Lottery tickets.

High Share

Maximum of only 21 members in each lottery syndicate group.

No Set-up Fees or Minimum Terms

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"Finding you becomes a breath of fresh air and I have little doubt that the vast majority of members will stay with you for a long time."


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We started as NHS employees who are also regular lottery players.

Our plan is simple. Purchase the most tickets and maximize the odds of winning a major prize at a lower individual cost.

We play and win together.

No one is left behind and you are welcome to join our lottery syndicate.                       

Join us here

We are a low cost lottery syndicate that gives members £80 worth of lottery tickets for every £5 contribution. For up to £25 a month, share £400 lottery ticket across five main groups.

• We take the responsibility of looking and organizing syndicate members to fill all the groups.

With maximum of only 21 members in each syndicate group, a major win will be a life-changing experience for all members in the main group.

UK-Based National Lottery Syndicate

Avoid hassle and disagreement with big winnings

Lottery tickets and groupings are posted in our website before the draw which lottery syndicate members can also download as their own copy.

Rules in sharing of winnings and prizes are clearly stated in our Terms and conditions.

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About Us

UK Lottery Syndicate

What made us UK’s Best Lottery Syndicate?

What our members say

The lottery tickets that we buy are chosen to hopefully get a better return of our money. We also take into consideration the cost of the tickets, the changes in Camelot and the occasional lottery promotions on offer.



03-24/February/2018 -  Lotto Hotpicks

        - £4 tickets x  4 Saturdays for each group

                  - Total £16 tickets per group

06-27/February/2018 -  EuroMillions (Tuesday)

                  - £7.50 x 4 Tuesdays for each group

- Total £30 tickets for  each group   

06-27/February/2018 -  EuroMillions Hotpicks (Tuesday)

                  - £4.50 x 4 Tuesdays for each group

- Total £18 tickets for  each group

£16 for each group - awaiting allocation for potential February 14 special draw.

We always play £80 worth of tickets for  every £5 that members pay. The tickets we buy are subject to changes in reflection to changes with Camelot and occasional special raffles on offer.

We always update our website with our tickets before draws so members can copy or download tickets as needed.

March groups and tickets to be announced

Lottery Schedule

How About Main lotto and Thunderball?

We have not played Thunderball as a syndicate because of the poor return for our money in consideration of the odds of winning.

We also rarely play main lotto at the moment because the prize winnings can be very low. The result on the 23/03/2016 when players who matched 5 out of 6 numbers got only £15 each pretty much explains it all.

We will play main lotto however when special draws come along that are worth taking the risk.