Terms and Conditions

This is a legal document that sets out your rights and responsibilities. By using our site, you agree that you have the legal right and capacity to abide by this agreement.

You must be at least 18 years of age before you can participate in our Lottery Syndicate Community.


“Members,” “Users,” “Players,” “You” are the person that had been accepted for membership, has paid his contribution in time, is legally eligible to join a syndicate and whose membership has not been suspended or terminated.

“Manager” or “leader” is the representative of Guide2lotto Limited who is a member of the syndicate.

UK-lotterysyndicate.com is part/domain name of Guide2lotto limited company. We will be using UK-lotterysyndicate and Guide2lotto limited company interchangeably regarding our operations.

“Draw,” “Game” means the UK national lottery games which include the Lotto draw, the EuroMillions + Millionaire raffle or any other Camelot Draws.

“Tickets,” “Entries” means the tickets bought at UK national lottery from Camelot group at the main lotto draw on Wednesday and Saturday or the EuroMillions draw including the Millionaire raffle or any other Camelot draws. Tickets and lines may be used interchangeably, and each shall be equivalent to £1. This may change if the price of tickets increases which is beyond the companies control.

The Syndicate

We do not have an association with Camelot Ltd nor its affiliates.

We do not sell lottery tickets. We purchase tickets from a lottery outlet or online and distribute the winnings among the syndicate members. We do not offer to purchase tickets on behalf of syndicate members but buys Lottery tickets for our syndicate which you may be a member.

We operate a mobile website which due to its functional limitation may not be updated nor details may be incomplete. You accept awareness of this and accept the main desktop version site should be the source of up-to-date version.

Joining the syndicate provides no guarantee of receiving any winnings.

UK-lotterysyndicate is part of “Guide2lotto Limited” in England and Wales with Company number 07788007 and address at 22 Lightwood Road, Waterhayes, Newcastle-under-Lyme, ST5 7TT

Responsibilities of the Manager and Guide2lotto Limited

The manager/leader will be the Guide2lotto manager who will also be a member.

Guide2lotto Limited   will take responsibility for setting up the groups, collecting money, buying national lottery tickets, checking results, collecting and distributing the winnings.

Guide2lotto Limited will keep safe custody of tickets for members.

The company will inform members of ticket numbers bought as soon as possible to maintain transparency.

Guide2lotto Limited reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership without any explanation and will not be held liable for such action.


All applicants and members must be at least 18 years of age and legally capable of entering into binding contracts.

It is your responsibility to provide us with up-to-date, accurate and not misleading information.

It is your responsibility to abide and understand the law in this country or the community that you belong to that may affect you in joining or using Guide2lotto limited or UK-lotterysyndicate.

You shall not be located at the time of joining our lottery syndicate in any country or community in which you are not permitted to participate in remotebetting/gaming. For example, the US anti online gambling laws and Federal Anti-Lottery Laws prohibit us from playing with the residents of the United States. Change of residence can also affect your membership.

You will bear all the expenses and responsibilities that may occur in connection to your activity as a member. You will keep the company/us indemnified against any proceedings, claims, damages, costs and liabilities that may arise from your action.

You agree that any activities, winnings, or prizes you have with our lottery syndicate will not be used by yourself for any other competing services or lottery syndicates in the promotion, advertisement or as a part of the competing site or organization, whether directly or indirectly.

Members also may have more than 1 place in a group if requested, equivalent amount paid and allocated. Each place in a group is equivalent to £5.

Payments and Contributions

It is your responsibility to arrange contributions and payment to arrive in time as set out in the website.

For every £5 contribution, you will join a main group sharing £80 worth of Lottery Tickets.

Minimum contribution starts at just £10 in a month (around 33 pence a day). You will join 2 lottery syndicate groups and share a total of £160 Lottery tickets.

E.g. starting at £10 a month=£160 lotto tickets, £15=£240 lotto tickets,

£20=£320 lotto tickets and £25 a month=£400 lottery tickets. The minimum amount you can contribute is £10.

The maximum amount you can contribute ideally is £25.

Each payment you make shall be by Standing Order or debit card, Moneybookers or cheque from UK banks to Guide2lotto limited company. We may accept other forms of payments in our discretion provided it will not incur any cost to us or any cost will be on you.

Once payment is received, we will include your contribution as time permits on the following month.

We operate on no pay, no play policy. A member who has not given his contribution in time for the administrator/manager to process will not receive any share of the winnings of any lottery syndicate group.

We can make an offer as part of our promotion but everyone still has to comply with our terms and conditions. An offer is only valid once we have made an explicit promotion offer and a member have accepted before a draw. Promotion should be explicitly stated in our email correspondence as well.

Ticket Purchase

Guide2lotto Limited will buy national lottery tickets. For every £5, there will be £80 worth of lottery tickets.

We will be spending the contributions buying lottery tickets which can be any of Camelot’s game. This is in consideration of the frequent changes and offers being made by Camelot.

Every £5 contributions will continue to allow members to play in a group with £80 worth of lottery tickets to share. The more funds that accumulated in your account, the more tickets for the syndicate and you, the greater the chance of winning.

Winnings and Sharing of Prizes

In great event of a jackpot win, the system below will allow members in the winning group to enjoy a life changing experience while sharing a bit of the luck to everyone else.

For minor prizes of £1000 or less, sharing the prizes equally will greatly save us time in computing individual winnings and send winnings in a monthly basis.

For Lottery Ticket with cash prize winning/s of more than £1,000:

a) First, we will allocate the winnings on Group Shares:

For a winning Lottery Ticket, 80% of the prize will be allocated to the main group who has the winning ticket. The other 20% of the prize will be shared equally by all of our Lotto groups.

b) Second, Member's shares:

There will be 21 shares in each Lottery Syndicate group and you will be entitled to one of the 21 shares (1/21) in each of the groups that you belong with.

For Lottery Ticket with cash prize winning/s of £1000 or less

a)   First, we will allocate the winnings on Group Shares:

Prize will be allocated equally to all groups.

b) Second, Member’s shares

There will be 21 shares in each Lottery Syndicate group and you will be entitled to one of the 21 shares (1/21) in each of the groups that you belong with.

For Non-cash prizes, the prize will stay with the group who has the winning ticket until it is converted or wins a cash prize. The system of sharing will then be the same as cash prize winning/s sharing.


You will get paid of your winnings on a quarterly basis when it is at least £10, when we have a major win or as requested by members but only when all the tickets have been played already.

You can get paid through your Moneybookers account or bank to bank. Any other mode of payment will be under the discretion of Guide2lotto ltd. Any charges in payment will be charged/deducted to the member.

Winnings of or over £1,000 will require further proof of identity. We may also ask for further identification if we are in doubt.

Payment will be made once the winning ticket prize was paid by Camelot LTD. To act as a deterrent to people who might ask more than what is stated in “Winnings and Sharing of Prizes” or “Liabilities” and can cause disruption to other members, you agree that any attempt to gain more than what is stated under “Winnings and Sharing of Prizes” or “Liabilities” will lead to forfeiture of your winnings if any and these winnings, if any, will be the property of Guide2lotto Ltd. We welcome queries but not attempts to gain more than what a member is due.

For Members who wanted to play a certain system

a) Members should explain how his system works.

b) The system proposed should be the member’s own system.

The company can’t use system which is being marketed that may even make us liable to pay with our winnings.

c) The number lines should all come from the member proposing it.

d) I will accommodate one or two systems at a time. I will give priority to earlier member

e) Only up to a maximum of 62 number lines in the bonus draws can be use Please don’t ask for the regular draw tickets to be included in the system.

f) The system should not be used in promotion of another lottery syndicate.

g) In respect of other members, the system should not have any religious, political or any content that maybe deemed offensive by other member

Guide2lotto limited and its manager/designated managers do not accept any responsibility nor guarantee wins with the use of any system. The acceptance of any lottery system will be under the discretion of the Manager.

Any system used is the responsibility of the member proposing it.The use of system will change as the situation and circumstances change.

In the event of big winnings

It is up to the individual concerned if he wants to go public but Guide2lotto Limited and its manager/administrator will not be responsible if other people managed to identify a member through the website or his association to the syndicate.

It is, however, the discretion of UK-lotterysyndicate if the company goes public or not.

Withdrawals and Cancellations before the draw

If anyone would like any withdrawal or cancellation of contribution, he should inform us as soon as possible. The member should shoulder the cost of any transfer of contributions. Withdrawal is deemed completed once transfer of contribution initiated.

Withdrawal could only be allowed when draws for the ticket have not yet been done and given sufficient time.


Members will not hold the manager responsible and/or liable for mistakes, which could have been avoided provided that he has acted honestly or reasonably.

You agree that Guide2lotto will not be responsible if the payment option you have chosen had gone into liquidation or bankruptcy.

It is your responsibility to abide by the laws in your country that can affect your ability to play. You agree to update yourself with this document at regular intervals as we may revise the Terms and Conditions at any time.

Any information you have given to Guide2lotto Limited will be treated with confidentiality. For whatever reason that this confidentiality might have been breached, we will inform the members as soon as possible and members will not hold the manager or company responsible unless it was done maliciously.

It is your responsibility to inform the manager if your designated membership code does not include the first 2 letters of your First name and the First letter of your surname. This may mean that the tickets allocated to you were for someone else’s.

The manager reserves the right to include members in more than five groups provided payment is arranged and agreed upon by both the manager and the member. A member may also request to get more than one place in a certain group which could be done upon the agreement with the manager, and the member provided the group would not exceed the maximum of only 21 members.

Although aliases are used so that members can distinguish which group they belong, UK-lottery syndicate manager may assign alias that does not reflect a member’s First name or surname for whatever purpose as long as the member concerned is informed. A member may also have more than one alias as long as payments were arranged and discussed with both manager and members with the group kept at a maximum of 21 members only.

Any activity by non-eligible member will be declared void and Guide2lotto limited company will become the sole property owner of the winnings. Any misrepresentation and/or unlawful activity by a member will void his winnings and Guide2lotto limited company will become the sole property owner of the winnings.

You will not hold the manager nor guide2lotto limited accountable nor responsible in any way if the lotto ticket numbers that members have requested are not accurate or you have not been included in the group with the ticket you have chosen. You have the option however of opting out on the lottery syndicate group before a lottery draw has occurred and we will refund you of your contribution for the month involved. It is a member’s responsibility to check the accuracy of the numbers they have chosen.

If there was any discrepancy between the copies of tickets that were sent to members and our website, we will follow the copies of tickets and the way members are grouped in the email/Pdf file. Although we double check tickets, copying ticket numbers to a website can have more potential for human error. If the tickets can only be seen on our website, members are free to copy and print it for their own records.

We exercise transparency by posting the national lottery tickets on our website or sending email for members to view. We also double check the tickets and groupings. You agree that you will not hold the manager nor the company liable if one or more tickets have been mistakenly allocated to two or more group or members. In such circumstances the allocated winnings will be shared by the two or more groups or members in respect only to the ticket shared. For example, each group has 21 shares. If a ticket wins and it was mistakenly shared with 2 main groups, the allocated winnings will be divided for 42 shares and each individual will get 2.3% of the allocated winning. The money that was not used for buying tickets will be distributed equally on the two groups. In the same example, the two groups will be refunded the amount not used for buying tickets and will be divided and distributed as 42 shares.

If for some reason we were not able to allocate you in any group, you will be entitled to a full refund of your contribution for the month concerned. We will reimburse the group/members proportionately of the ticket purchase amount that a member paid but was not played.

If, for example, you paid £25 and we only allocated you in 4 main groups instead of 5 main groups, you will be entitled to a £5 refund as each group is worth £5.

If a member paid only £20 but was by mistake allocated to 5 main groups instead of only 4 main groups, the member will proportionately get 80% of his total winnings across five main groups and 20% will proportionately go to Guide2lotto Limited.

You agree that you will not hold the manager nor the company liable if for some reason there have been more than 21 members or shares in the group. For example, if there have been 22 members or shares in the group with a winning ticket, the individual winnings or shares allocated in the group will be divided for 22 instead of the usual 21. In the same example, the extra£5 not used for buying tickets will be distributed equally to the 11 members or shares in the group.

As a manager, we also keep positions to accommodate more members or reserve certain place for members pending completion of application form or payment. The manager may also play as a member and occupy more than 1 position in the group to increase the number of tickets in the group. Each position in a main group is equivalent to 4.7% share of the prize allocated to the respective group and the manager or members may get 4.7% on each position that he occupies in the group concerned.

Our main site is UK-lotterysyndicate.com and the information on this site is more updated. Members should check terms and contents of UK- lotterysyndicate.com than any other of our old lottery websites.

If for whatever reason we were unable to buy tickets, we will not be held liable. You will have a choice however to ask for the unplayed ticket’s equivalent purchase amount to be reimbursed proportionately to the groups or members affected.

Any payments mistakenly credited to your account remain the manager’s property. Information on this website maybe incomplete, out of date or not accurate. All its contents are provided without any endorsements or warranties of any kind whatsoever, either direct or indirect. Users are advised to confirm any results on the Official UK National Lottery Results web site.

Use of this website and all its contents is entirely the user’s risk. We will not be held liable for any damages that may have resulted from the use of our website, whether directly or indirectly.

In the event that any term of this Agreement is held to be invalid by judicial decree or decision, the remainder of this Agreement shall remain valid.

We will not be responsible for any error in statistical figures that may have arisen nor to the result published in the website.

Force Majeure

Guide2lotto Limited shall not be liable for failure or delay in performing any part of its responsibilities or obligations to the extent that such failure or delay is caused by any cause beyond its reasonable control including, without limitation flood, strikes, fire, hardware, software or telecommunications failure or due to any government actions.

Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in respect of any dispute or matter arising out of or connected with this Agreement.

If you do not agree to be legally bound by this Agreement, you may not use or access our services.


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Guide2lotto Limited

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