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Users are advised to confirm any results in The National Lottery web site. Information in this website may be incomplete, out-of-date or not accurate. Use of this website and all its contents are  at the user’s risk. Players must be at least 18 years old or over to join.

Mobile version provides support, information and advice to anyone suffering with gambling problem.  

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Join Now in Simple Steps

1) Submit the application form for our Lottery Syndicate.

2) Choose any payment option.

3) We will send your unique alias and other detailed information.

4) Sit back and relax.

Your groupings and tickets will be uploaded before the 1st draw of the month.

Step 1) Please Submit the Application Form

By clicking I Accept, you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age. You also confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions.

Step 2) Choose Any Payment Option  (Moneybookers or Standing Order)

Step 3) We will send your alias and more detailed information within 3 to 5 days.

Step 4) Congratulations.

You just joined the Best National Lottery syndicate in UK.

We will be uploading your groups and tickets before 1st draw of the month.

A) Moneybookers

Moneybookers is a secure payment option that allows lottery syndicate transactions unlike PayPal.

You must first sign up at for a customer account, complete the verification processes and then click the subscription button of your choice below.

You can read more about Moneybookers here

B) Standing Order

Set up a Standing Order via online banking payable to:

HSBC Business Account, Guide2lotto Limited Company

Sort Code:   40-34-13

Account Number: 516-82-547

Alternatively, please complete and send us a Standing Order Mandate by clicking and downloading the form in MS word file or Pdf file.

◊ If Standing Order is arranged via online banking, kindly provide identifiable data such as your name, so we may know who made the payment.

◊ We will include you in the groups given sufficient time to process your membership. As a guide, the cut-off date for Standing Order is at or before the 25th of the month and for Moneybookers is at or before the 20th of the month

◊ For late comers, we usually have few extra spaces available that we can allocate on a first come first serve basis.

◊ With Moneybookers, they will immediately ask via a tick box whether you wanted to apply for a Mastercard while signing up. You don’t need this card to join us.

Moneybookers account is needed to subscribe below.


Save in a Lottery Syndicate

Low Cost Lottery Syndicate. Start at only £10 a month and play guaranteed £160 worth of main lotto tickets.

Enjoy more Lottery Tickets

For up to £25, join a syndicate group with £400 worth of lotto tickets to play.

Better Chance of Life Changing Jackpot

High Share of Prizes with maximum of only 21 members in each main syndicate groups.

Trusted National Lottery Syndicate

a) For Main Lotto Tickets with cash prize winning/s of more than £1,000 First, we will allocate the winnings on Group Shares: For a winning Main Lotto ticket, 80% of the prize will be allocated to the main group who has the winning ticket. The other 20% of the prize will be shared equally by all Main Lotto groups.

Second, Member's shares: Each group has 21 equal shares. You will be entitled to 1 of the 21 shares (1/21) of the allocated winnings of the group/groups that you belong with.

For Main Lotto Ticket with cash prize winning/s of £1000 or less

First, we will allocate the winnings on Group Shares: Prize will be allocated equally to all groups.

Second, Member's shares: There will be 21 shares in each Main Lotto group and you will be entitled to one of the 21 shares (1/21) in each of the groups that you belong with.

In case of a jackpot prize, the system above will allow members in the winning group to enjoy a life changing experience while sharing a bit of the luck to everyone else.

For minor prizes of £1000 or less, sharing the prizes equally will greatly save us time in computing individual winnings and send winnings in a monthly basis.