Basic Tips for Moneybookers

I used Moneybookers as an alternative payment system for our lottery syndicate. Also known as Skrill, it is a secure payment system commonly utilized in the gaming industries and in some countries where PayPal doesn't provide any service.

What to Expect

Moneybookers is fast and slow in some respect. Having reasonable expectation will save you from frustrations.

Signing up for an Account

Go over the Moneybookers home page and sign up for a customer or business account.

Tip: This is fast and straightforward but be careful. Make sure that all your details are accurate and keep records in a safe place. Don't try to open another account. Don't use same card in different accounts or you may find both of them frozen.

Verification process

Moneybookers has three verification processes. You don't have to do all of them but I suggest that you do them anyway as it will increase your account's limits and functions.

a) Credit/Debit Card Verification

The name on the card should be the same as the one you used in signing up.

Tip: This is an easy and fast way to make transaction in your account. If you have to use someone else's card, then it is better to ask that person to open an account himself.

      They also charge a small fee and you have to enter the exact amount taken from your card.

b) Bank Account Verification

You need to upload some funds to your account via bank electronic transfer or ask your bank to do this for you. This can take 2 to 5 days.

c) Physical Address Verification

Upon request, they will send letter to your address with a verification code. This can take 2-5 days depending on your postal service.

Making Payment

You can use your bank account or card for payment once registered.

a) Once registered, you can click on your merchant's website if he has a payment gateway. Just follow the payment procedure thereafter.

b) You can also upload funds in your account using online banking or credit/debit card. You will need to know the person's registered moneybooker name and email address.

c) Some merchants also have a quick checkout payment gateway which will allow you to make payment without being registered to Moneybookers.

Recurring Payment

This can only be done if a customer is registered with Moneybookers and the merchant have a recurring payment enabled.

Making Withdrawal

This will be sent to your verified Bank Account or Card

Tip: Don't do it frequently as they charge per transaction.

Stopping Recurring Billing

Simply login to your Account, click the History tab, set the "Date to" at least 2 months from your present date, click on "recurring payments" and click the merchant's name. You can just follow the instruction or click on the cancel button.

General Tips

1) Do things early.

Make your verifications as soon as possible.

2) Scan and send needed documents by email or fax if applying for merchant account. People find it easy to say that they haven't received your letter by post.

3) Be patient.

Just e-mail them once for any queries. You will go down the queue if you do it twice. As a customer, you can also email your merchant who can get faster response from them.

4) If you need to contact them, use their twitter at @moneybookers or @skrill. You will get quicker answer.

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