Choosing a Lottery Syndicate

By UK-Lotterysyndicate


 “1 in 4 Lotto jackpots are won by a syndicate." This is the quote employed by Camelot to encourage lottery syndicates. Lottery groups are widely recognized to provide better possibilities of winning at a lower individual price.

Sadly, numerous lottery organizers view this as a company venture. Individuals join in regardless if these syndicates use around only 40% of money paid to them to buy lottery tickets.

This was also the reason why we created We aim not only to provide an alternative, but additionally to give you what we think is the best option.

We also researched lottery syndicates before, and now we encourage you to do it as well. Many will agree, however, there presently exists four basic things that they will consider before joining a lottery syndicate:

1) Trust
Who are they and where are they based? We did a reasonable share of time researching lottery syndicates and...some just come with different names for obvious reasons.

2) Shares

Just forget any figures or jargons. Ask yourself, “how much am I going to take home if my group wins the jackpot?”

Some will even provide a larger share if a member has selected the winning jackpot numbers. Once more, a member's gain will probably be other members lost. This is not what a lottery syndicate is about. Just envision belonging to the group that wins the jackpot but only 1 individual gets the lion's share.

Lottery syndicate is not for everyone and people who want the biggest share of jackpot usually end up playing on their own.

A good share of something is better than full ownership of nothing.

3) Number of tickets

With on-line lottery syndicates, lottery syndicates playing 100% of your respective money isn't exactly the best. You may end up inside a new group with just 1 or 2 members...and you may not even know it. This also means that your chance of winning is no different with you playing on your own.

Other syndicates purchase a fixed amount of tickets within a group. This gives you an advantage with your chances being the same whether you are alone in a group or with other members. For example, in UK-lotterysyndicate, we have to buy an additional £35 worth of lottery tickets in each group even if there is only one new member.

The number of tickets we purchase for members is formulated based on one question...”Will any member buy £200 worth of lottery tickets and share 10% of the winnings if given £25?” Individually we felt that no one will do these for other people but as a syndicate, we know we had the winning formula.

4) Maximum members within a group

Do not be fooled by the large quantity of tickets bought inside a group. Find out how many members are there inside a group as some syndicates have as low as ten to a staggering 40 inside a group.

If you are struggling to find answers towards the fundamental concerns above, how do you believe you'll discover them when your group wins the jackpot? If they use numerous jargons now, imagine how much jargon will they use with regards to claiming of prizes?

Maybe you are wondering why we wrote this article. We played with other lottery syndicates before due to lack of option...but not anymore.

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