Lottery Syndicate Agreement - Why You Should Consider a Valid and Precise One

By UK-Lotterysyndicate


By UK-Lotterysyndicate

It is clear that lottery syndicates have been winning a lot more lately than any individual players. The reason for this can be manifold - it is not always just the fact that when more people play, they have more chances to win. There is also a question of being organized, and using valid lottery strategies that can effectively increase your chances to hit the jackpot.

The Advantages of a Syndicate

A lottery syndicate can have numerous advantages. First of all, by choosing to share the combinations (as well as the winnings), you not only have better odds at winning - since any member that wins has to split the prize with the others – but the trust factor can be greatly increased as well and lead to long lasting friendships

When you are part of a syndicate, you can get the help of all those around you, and share your ideas with them. This means that, if one member has an idea for a certain strategy or combination, he or she may share it with the group, and someone might be able to refine that idea, making it even more efficient.

If you play by yourself, even if you win there can be a lot of issues regarding what to do with your money and how to share it. It can even become a burden. The benefit of being in a well-organized lottery syndicates, however, is that you, your family and friends can all participate, and everyone can get their fair share of the winnings.

This is a professional way of dealing with what is often considered to be a delicate matter and a source of conflict between even the closest of friends. However, no matter which lottery syndicate you choose, it is very important to “agree” with an agreement before placing any money, to make sure there will be no issues later regarding how the winnings will be split.

Common Misunderstandings and Issues

The most common problem that syndicates seem to have appears when they are not well-organized, and are unable to cope with the pressure of splitting the winnings. Interests often run high here, and unless a solid agreement is reached before the creation of a syndicate, many problems can come up.

One famous and controversial case is of a 37 year old Haitian immigrant who won 100 million dollars on the US lottery, and refused to share the money with the other 14 members of the syndicate she was part of, claiming that she had bought the ticket separately.

Another case was when 72 year old Jeanette French has been left out of the loop despite being a member of her syndicate for more than 8 years. The syndicate members claim she did not have the right to the 10 million pounds that they had won, since she had not paid for her ticket for that specific week.

Despite the fact that lottery syndicates win a lot these days, many more issues just as these can appear when members are unwilling to comply to the rules, or when the rules themselves are not well put together.

If you choose to form or join a lottery syndicate, therefore, you should always keep in mind that people can change when they win, and that having an agreement is mandatory, agreement that should cover all possible issues. Courtesy of group.


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