Lottery Syndicate Almost Lose their Prize

A lottery syndicate in Kent has recently bought 4 lottery tickets hoping for the best. After one of their members went to check the numbers, however, everything looked grim until he went home to check them himself.

What he found caused him to immediately hurry back to the shop where he was not told of a “small” but significant detail: that one of the syndicate’s tickets was now worth almost 80k pounds.

A Less Common case

When Mr. Callum Crosier went to a nearby shop in Kent to find out whether the lottery syndicate he belongs to had won anything, he scarcely imagined that one of the tickets that the syndicate had bought would be a winning ticket.

Unfortunately, as he entered the shop, the shopkeeper notified him that he did won, but his winnings would only amount to a total of 10 pounds. After telling him the “news”, the shop assistant seemingly discarded the winning ticket, planning to get the money for himself later on.

Later on, however, Mr. Crosier checked the numbers himself, and realized that one of the tickets had actually won the 79,887 prize, and the 26 year old shop assistant later ended up being arrested by the Kent Police and later sentenced to 12 months in prison for fraud.

As for the lottery ticket, it was found after a fortunate turn of events and a long search through bags of rubbish. Camelot actually launched an inquiry which showed that all 4 tickets bought for the syndicate were scanned, including the winning ticket, and the prize eventually made its way to the syndicate members’ wallets.

Always Check Your Numbers

While this is seemingly a fortunate event, the truth is that many syndicates have a similar practice when it comes to determining whether they had won or not – probably because there isn’t a whole lot of faith and interest against the odds that they might actually win.

In Mr. Crosier’s case, this wasn’t an issue, and the fact that he was willing to check the numbers himself shows that he was interested enough in the cause that the syndicate allegedly believed in to try and find out the truth on his own.

While trust is an important value of life, experts who have seen lottery syndicate stories such as this one before consider that this story should also be seen as a valuable lesson, as whether you believe that the shopkeeper you talk to on a daily basis or even the syndicate members themselves are your friends, a large sum of money can often become enough of a temptation to lead to events such as these.

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