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12 Bus Drivers...Now they're lottery millionaires. It was the best time to join in and the worst time to drop out.

The bus drivers from Corby, Northamptonshire scooped £38 million in an Euromillions lottery syndicate.

However, winning The National Lottery ends up bringing not only happiness but a sense of abandonment as well...for some who got left behind. This is especially true for one original member, whom I am not going to name, that dropped off few months before her group one.

The group comprised Chris Smith, manager, 34; Charlie Gillion, 65; Neil Tayton, 58; Alex Robertson, 57; Ally Spence, 57; Jim Patton, 55; Dave Mead, 54; Stephen Derrick, 53; Derek Wilson, 51; John Noakes, 49; and Charlie Connor, 40. One decided to remain anonymous.

Syndicate of 10 members became 5...and won £4,297,764 main lotto jackpot.

Five lottery syndicate members from Lincoshire celebrated after sharing a whopping £4,197,764 Lotto Jackpot on 5th February 2011.

They were playing with 10 others but since other lottery syndicate members left, couples John and Christine played seven of the ten lines. They banked a wonderful £2.9 million. Andrew, Joe, and another anonymous syndicate member won around £400K each.

Just like what The National Lottery says... "You have to be in it to win it."

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