Lucky 16 Garage Workers won a share of US448 Million

By UK-LotterySyndicate

16 garage employees from New Jersey have won a third of the $448 million in the Powerball jackpot. In a lump sum payment, each winning ticket was worth $US86 million before taxes, or $US58.3 million after taxes. They're worth $US149.4 million over 3 decades for those who picked the annuity option.

Sea County, New Jersey has long been recuperating with the effect of Sandy storm after receiving a handful of the heaviest damage last October.

Sea County Vehicle Maintenance Department Director Jim Pine and Freeholder Jack Kelly stated the workers bought the ticket in a supermarket in Little Egg Harbor.

All 16 county employees turned up for work on Thursday, Flynn stated.

Pine rejected to disclose any particulars concerning those who win saying he assured them he'd respect their privacy.

The winning numbers on Wednesday evening Powerball draw were 5, 25, 30, 58, 59 and Powerball 32.

A Minnesota has guy stated his third of Wednesday’s jackpot. The holder of the third winning ticket hasn't come forward yet but it is likely that he is from Newe Jersey as well where the ticket was bought.

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