Not Yet Driving Yet Old Enough to Win Cool £400,000

Callum Fitzpatrick, aged 16, was accompanied by his parents to get his cool cheque. To take part in the Lottery you must be 16 and over.

He became one of the youngest winners in Northern Ireland.

As A Level maths pupil, Callum has his sights set on university and a career as an accountant.

Despite his huge win, Callum remains level-headed and has no immediate intentions to go on a spending spree regarding his new-found wealth.

On Interview by Daily Mirror “I think I’ll purchase a car when I turn 17 and learn to drive,” he said, “and as a big Manchester United fan, I’m sure I’ll go to Old Trafford a few times this season.

Callum helps his mum Sheila out in his spare time in the family’s grocery shop which he plans to continue.

Callum bought his winning ticket at the Tesco on Castlewellan Road in Newcastle.

The most recent big Lottery winner from the province to go public was Margaret Loughrey.

Last December the Strabane woman's spur of the moment decision to do a Lucky Dip on her way home meant she became Northern Ireland's biggest-ever Lotto winner.

The 48-year-old from Carlton Drive struck gold when she triumphed in the £27m EuroMillions draw.

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