Psychic Powers and Winning the Lottery – What Are the Chances?

It has long been believed that some people are able to predict the future. While many would argue that the future isn't there in the first place, recent theories have emerged according to which sneaking a peek into what has yet to unfold is not only a possible, but also an entirely plausible concept.

Can Psychic Perceptions Really Help You Win the Lottery?

While many psychics do pride themselves on being able to predict small events that only require a vague form of clairvoyant perception, most of them agree that the exact prediction of lottery numbers is very difficult. Many so-called psychics who have tried failed in predicting them over the years, however, there were also numerous cases of people having some type of prophetic insight that lead them to win a jackpot (or two).

There are many who claimed that they had received their winning combinations during dreams. Indeed, the dream state does take the mind into a relaxed enough state to perhaps allow it to access untapped resources that even science admit are there, laying dormant in many people - including clairvoyance and future telling.

Still, the real problem is not necessarily being able to predict the event itself, but the details and circumstances around it. There were some who saw in their dreams that they would win, but ended up only hitting the jackpot months or even years later.

The fact of the matter is, however, that psychic perception is a real and still largely unknown mental skill, and, according to countless studies, literally anyone can access it under certain conditions, created perhaps with mind-disciplining practices like yoga or meditation.

Famous, Mind Boggling Cases

Perhaps one of the most well-known cases of people winning the lottery through visions or dreams is the time when 86 year old Mary Wollens saw the lottery ticket and a large check in her dream a few days before the drawing.

A superstitious woman, Mary was so confident in her vision that she went out and bought two tickets with the same numbers she had seen in her dream. Some would say that this is foolish, since even if you win the jackpot, you will likely be winning the same amount regardless of how many tickets you buy.

Curiously enough, however, another person also chose the winning combination, so instead of having to split the jackpot winnings, Mary managed to hold on to 2 thirds of the amount for just one more dollar spent on another lottery ticket.

Another intriguing case was that of Ocean Kinge, who managed to predict that she would win a million pound jackpot a few months before she actually did. Ocean didn't know the numbers, but followed her intuition, and set up a lottery syndicate in August 2010 together with 15 of her trusted work colleagues.

Because, unlike many others, Ocean decided to take action and follow her gut feeling, the group managed to win an unusual number of 66,666.66 pounds.

Not everyone may be as gifted in "sensing" when they have the chance to win the lottery, or having prophetic dreams that come true only a few days later, but one thing is certain: people who beat the odds are often regular folks like you and me.

So, even if you don't have a history of predicting seemingly unlikely things, never ignore your intuition, and keep your confidence high. You never know when the next moment of psychic clarity may appear – perhaps right before a major lottery drawing.

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