Top Lottery Syndicate Winnings in 2013 - Teaming Up to Win

Joining a lottery syndicate is a common and enjoyable activity today, as groups of coworkers, family members or strangers work together in the hopes of winning big.

  For some of these people, however, that dream has become reality, as, even this year, a very high percentage of the top lottery winners from around the world are members of various syndicates.

The Dedicated Workers

 One of the stories that have become famous throughout the world this year was that of a group of 8 Bradfield co-op workers who have formed a syndicate, managing to win 2 million pounds each in March 2013.

 The special twist to this success story is that even though each of the 8 workers took home more than 200,000 pounds each, all of them have decided to continue working at the store in Brook Street, and they even aim to keep the syndicate going in the hopes of winning more.

Slowly but Surely

 For those who think that chipping in for lottery tickets at a syndicate doesn’t pay off, a group of 67 members from a Cork lottery syndicate in Ireland may be inclined to disagree. They have very recently won a jackpot of no less than 350,000 Euros at a national lottery, receiving 5,200 Euros each.

 While this isn’t a spectacular amount when divided among almost 70 people, it should be noted that the group has been playing the lottery for more than 20 years, and has previously won small amounts of even up to 300 Euros on several occasions.

Syndicates Down Under

 If you think that only American and UK syndicates get all the fame and fortune, you probably didn’t hear about the Western Australian group that managed to scoop up more than $800,000 at the beginning of July along with two other winners.

 Formed of a total of 12 members, the group chipped in for one of the syndicates belonging to a well-known news agency in Western Australia that managed to gain a lot of publicity after the win.

The Lucky Newbie

 To conclude the series of remarkable 2013 syndicate winning stories, we end in Florida, where earlier this year, another group of 12 coworkers hit a $1 million jackpot. A new worker – a woman who had worked at the agency for only 2 weeks at the time – also received a part of the winnings after the group generously agreed to let her in on the syndicate’s prize even though she hadn’t paid for any of the tickets in the past.

 These 2013 lottery syndicate stories show precisely how strong and successful these groups can be, especially as a result all the benefits they draw from generosity and teamwork.

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