Winning Lottery Numbers – Routine and Randomness can Pay Off

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Sometimes routine does pay off. Whether you're keeping your home organized, or just strolling through the park at the same hour each day, having a clear-cut idea on how to live your life will often make a great deal of difference. In the case of lotteries, however, routines have always been shot down by disappointed players who played a certain strategy for years without winning anything.

You never really know where the next win will come from, though, and often times those who rely on superstitions and play numbers related to their or their relatives' birthdays often find themselves winning, while famous mathematicians spend countless hours trying to predict numbers with the help of science.

A Story to Remember

Perhaps one of the most incredible cases when playing the same numbers over and over again has paid off is when Mike McDermott, a 50 year old electrician, achieved the impossible: he won the lottery twice, in a matter of months, playing exactly the same numbers.

At first, McDermott considered it a simple stroke of luck, as he had managed to scoop up 194 thousand pounds, and became a rich man overnight, to his and his wife's delight.

Out of superstition, the electrician kept playing the same numbers over and over again, after the lucky incident, and, despite the fact that he was only repeating them out of habit than hoping to win once more, he actually won again. This time, the sum was slightly more modest, but still over 100 thousand pounds.

The odds he had beaten with this incredible feat were staggering: over 5.4 trillion to one. This can perhaps be considered one of the most amazing records in the history of any lottery. Furthermore, McDermott and his wife consider that "3 is a charm", and continue playing the same numbers, hoping to win a third time. Will Lady Luck smile upon them once more? She definitely has so far.

Relying on Routine?

These are basically considered by many to represent a more organized form of routine, as most people choose to create their own systems based on numbers that are important to them rather than those that may be scientifically most "likely" to pop up.

Steven Walker has been playing an intriguing system based both on random combinations and numbers that are important to him. On the 23rd of June, he purchased two sets of routine numbers, one set of Quick Pick numbers, and one random set…and the random set of numbers won him the big prize.

There are many people who played similar systems, and managed to win, but Walker was one of the few who managed to beat odds of over 500,000 to one, by staying away from Routine. Walker considers it to be a true blessing, and says that he'll probably continue playing those same numbers forever. Who knows, he may actually win again.

People often say that nothing is by chance, and that unseen forces govern events, leading some to remain poor all their lives, and others to win the lottery 2 or 3 times, and become incredibly rich overnight.

While this cannot be scientifically proven, there is definitely some truth to it, as, in some cases, people truly beat impossible odds when playing familiar number combinations and winning millions. Many others however just win by plain luck of randomness.

What do we learn from their experience? Routine and randomness can both work but persistence and luck is the key to success.

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