More Easy to Read Books for Success

This is a collection of motivational business stories of those who are successful and made it possible within a tight budget. It is a snippet of ideas and inspirations that are easy to read.

The author does illustrate a good business plan at the beginning of the book but the business stories are anecdotes rather than step by step guide. It makes sense because expertise in a business field comes with experience. Additionally, they may want to share their success but not their secrets for competitors.

“If I only have the money” no longer rings true in starting a business. The book will inspire and make you realize that money is enough and ideas are plenty, but taking the first step is the start of success.

I have worked in the NHS for most of my adult life and I find it surprising that many are more than happy just to receive their monthly salary without knowing where the rest of their money goes. Personal allowance, savings allowance, tax rebate, tax code; seems to be like an alien language to many.

If you are working for an employer, you may find this book basic but accurate, helpful and informative.  It has helped us understand, save and claim hundreds £££ a year without breaking a sweat. More importantly, it will prevent you from claiming for something that is likely the government will claim back from you.

Everyone is affected by tax but it doesn’t have to hurt our pockets, if we know how to honestly deal with it. The 2018 version is due to be released soon.

If you are working in a business, I would suggestI can start your business: Everything you need to know to run your limited company or self employment - for locums, contractors, freelancers and small business. I have earned money in business too but maximizing its benefit and anticipating the tax to be paid that kept me going throughout the years.

This book got me talking about budget with a soon to be retired colleague who bought it after a retirement meeting. It shows the basic concept of property, leisure, savings etc; which is what exactly the book is all about. 

I didn’t buy a copy of this book and just borrowed it from the library especially when he got me interested about pension.

This is updated yearly and it is a delightfully easy reading. No pressure as I am far from retirement yet.

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