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If you are looking for financial success then look no further. This article and lessons are written to help you learn more about money and keep it when you earn it or win it.

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Lottery Syndicate Almost Lose their Prize

Mr Callum Crosier was told by the shop assistant that his winnings are only £10. He was in for a big surprise.

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Lottery Syndicate Recruitment Agency Chaos

Although we know that UK’s work related sickness causes our economy billions, there is nothing more sickening for a mum-to-be that may lose out on EuroMillions winnings because of morning sickness.

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Lucky 16 Garage Workers won a share of the US 448M Powerball Jackpot

Storm Sandy might have hit the city bad and it’s their turn to be hit by good fortune.

Powerball syndicate winners

Top Lottery Syndicate Winnings 2013

Let’s take a look on the luckiest lottery syndicate winners so far.

Top Lottery Syndicate Winnings  2013

Leeds Lottery Syndicate wins £1.3 million

A lottery syndicate group based in Armley, has scooped £1.3m. The name of the place in work was not published for anonymity.

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Asda Syndicate Pockets Huge Win!

Colleagues are sharing an enormous prize for around £6 M with each taking over £400,000.

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Lottery Systems by our members

Our system is about buying as many tickets as we can. Some members however prefer to play some system as below.

Ni17T30’s System and Pe45L34’s System (No longer update)

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